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zoo and girl 动物园和女孩 双语例句 1.On the next page the zoo keeper gave Erny back to the girl, and Michener nodded his approval. 后一页中动物园管理员把恩尼还给了那个女孩,对此麦切纳点头表示同意。 2.Alexis Hamilton and her the...


to watch; with; B正确,祈使句。 麻烦采纳,谢谢!


会出,但是不知道实际日期。Wake Up,Girl Zoo是迷你动画。WUG中的七位偶像妹子会化身成为动物园中的可爱动物们跑出来卖萌!

你好! 正确答案为: The girl will go to the zoo with her mom. will= be going to 要,将要 这个女孩要和她妈妈去动物园 ^___^ 祝你进步! 如对你帮帮助,请千万别忘记采纳哟!


to watch; with; B正确,祈使句。

Lily isn't washing her shoes now What's the weather like today? How does the small oranges taste? Is it sunny today? What time is it? What are you doing? What do you want? Does he want any potatoes? It isn't dangerous.

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