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不好意思,只找到英文歌词one way street (music and words: jascha richter) i wanna climb mount everest i wanna see the girls undressed i wanna drift across the sea in a hot balloon i wanna jump out from a plane and you could say that i′m insane

Two-way street n.人和人相互帮助和关心的关系,而不是单方面做出努力.; 例句:1.To be worth doing at all, networking should be a two-way street. " 为了使自己的投入物有所值,应保证双赢的社交关系.

1. 一种双向沟通的方式2. 一条双向街道网络释义:A two-way street.双向的街道例句:1. By contrast, the relationship between policy measures such as tax cuts and the health of the economy is often a two-way street. 如你推一个球,球就会滚动. 相比之下,政策措施(如减税)和经济健康之间的关系通常像个双向车道.2. Interviews are a two-way street. 面试是一条双行道.



Love is a two-way street. 爱,是一条双行线.

A father sat at his desk poring over his monthly bills when his young son rushed in and announced,“Dad, because this is your birthday and you're 55 years old, I'm going to give you 55 kisses, one for each year!” When the boy started making

你好!love is a two-way street爱是一条双行道

歌曲名:Love On A Two Way Street歌手:Stacy Lattisaw专辑:The Very Best Of Stacy LattisawLove On A Two Way StreetI found love on a two way streetAnd lost it on a lonely highwayLove on a two way streetAnd lost it on a lonely highwayTrue


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