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too [tu:] adv.也, 还;太, 过于;很, 非常

too [tu]adv. 也, 太, 非常

too to中文是“太…而不能…” 例句:English is too difficult for Ling Ling to learn.英语对玲玲来讲太难,她学不会.His brother is too excited to fall asleep.他哥哥激动得睡不着觉.We are never too old to learn.活到老,学到老.

too 副词ad.1.太,过分[+to-v] This hat is too big for me.这顶帽子我戴太大了.He is too young to go to school.他年纪太小,还不能上学.2.【口】非常,很 She doesn't like traveling too much.她不太喜欢旅行.3.也;

TOO. TOO. RERICH翻译成中文:太,太,太,丰富了.rerich可以理解为丰富的意思

too 英[tu:] 美[tu:] 1、也;也是;另外,此外,而且;加之;还:He is young, clever and rich too.他年轻、聪明,还富有.2、太;过于:The hat is too big.帽子太大.That's too bad.那太糟糕了.3、[口语]很;非常;极为:It was just too delicious!太好吃了!4、[主美国英语][用于肯定句中,无词汇意义,强调对一句否定句的否认]:I will, too, go!我要去的!

tooto是太…………以至于不能&…………的意思 she is too young to go to school他太小了还不能去上学 she is only too young to go to school他只不过是太小了不能上学 only只是表达语气的,不在句式里

你好,I Miss You,too字面意思是:我想念你,太. 如果没有短号的话I Miss Youtoo 意思是:我想念你. (诚心回答,如果觉得满意,望给 “好评”,谢谢你的采纳.)

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