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您好,the height of 不等于 a height of;1)the height of 使用了定冠词 the,表特指某一物的高度;比如: The height of the wall that surrounds the President Palace is fifteen-foot tall. (围绕着总统府的墙高15英尺.特指这一道墙.)2)a height of 使用


at the height of在…顶点;在…的顶峰或鼎盛时期 At the Height of Summer 夏天的滋味 at the height of activity 活动达到高潮

the height of +名词如: the height of the tree 那棵树的高度只有问 What's the height? 后面就不再接东西了. 而且被问的对方会知道是关於什麽的height. 因为可能在前面的对话中有提及到.实际上, What's the height?是不完整的, 应该是 What's the height of (the tree) ? 因为前面有提及, 所以省略不再重复~~


height 1) 名词 n. 高;高度 being high; how far it is from the bottom of something to the top His height helped him to see over their heads. 他个子高使他能越过他们的头观看. What is the height of the mountain? 这山的高度是多少? We


height有三种意思: 高度, 身高 高处, 高地 顶点, 极度

the height of reinforced 翻译为:钢筋的高度

The larger the apple is,the larger the tree.需要加谓语

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