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英文原文:let's do 英式音标:[lets] [du] 美式音标:[lets] [du]

let go 英 [let u] 美 [lt o] v.放手;松手;放开,释放,发射;撒

do 动词;有动手去做,去完成事情的的多元含义.Let's do = Let us do (it) = 让我们动手吧

let's go out to buy someting to eat !

让我们做某事. (觉得有用请设为好评哦)

let's do sports i think it's very important for everyone to do sports. i like sports because they're not only good for my health but also good for my study. my favorite sport is swimming. whenever i am free, i will have a swim with my friends in the

两个句子都是错的.Let是使役动词,后面用动词原形,Let's do sth.

be good in sth 是在某件事情上擅长Let's do sth就是让我们做某事

歌名one more round 开头清唱,中间说唱,走句歌词,let's do one more round together 我估计你听错了

How about doing something : (是提出建议、询问消息或征求意见时使用)..Let's do something : 让我们做某事 (已有目标或计划时用的.)

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