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in/for the last/past decade 最近10年来/里 in recent years 意思是“近几年来”。如:in/during/for the last/past five years 近5年以来 祝你学习进步!希望你能满意!


你好。答案是C The last decade== PEOPLE - - - FROM 2000 TO 2010 / BETWEEN 2000 AND 2010. 所以用一般过去时,不用现在完成时。记住,the last...

D 此题考查动词时态,由句中的时间状语从句“over the past decades”,可知句子的谓语动词要用现在完成时或现在完成进行时态。

In the last few decades, scientists have reached consensus and reported that human beings are causing changes in the Earth’s climate — ...

1. I'd like to take ______D____ of this opportunity to thank all of you for your efforts. A. profit B. benefit C. occasion D. ...

一般我看到外文的杂志上就是直接in recent decades /years,不用定冠词the了。不过原则上说都是正确的。但是一般口语,他们会习惯说"over the last few years" or just "recently".

13. The country has ___ too many wars in the past few decades; its people are longing for peace so much. A. prevented from B. resulted in ...

In the united states the cost of living has been steadily rising for the past few decades 在美国,过去几十年来,生活费用一直在稳步上升

汗,有求英文全文翻译的么。。。 如果对净水技术发展趋势感兴趣,不如看看国内的文章,比如曲久辉院士在给水排水上写的一篇关于未来水处理所面临的四个难点问题

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