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in thE BEginning和At thE BEginning的区别

at the beginning 与in the beginning 在用法上由一些区别. in the beginning 通常单独用作时间状语或定语,而较少和of短语连用,意为“起初;在开始的时候”,暗含着后来又变化的意思.如: In the beginning we thought we'd better get it all

at the begining of:表示的是时间或地点的开始汉意;在.的开始 在的开端 在.的开头in the begining of:表时间的开始 等于at first汉意:起初开始

"at the beginning" implies a reference to a more specific point in time, where as "in the beginning" implies something occuring over a slightly longer period of time. they are often interchangeable, though. at..是指的时间比较确切的时间点,

In the beginning相当于at first 是起初的意思at the beginning 在的开端

1.at the beginning通常接of短语,表示“在……初”,“在……开始的时候”,它的反义短语是at the end of. eg:Great changes took place at the beginning of the century. 在那个世纪初发生了巨大的变化. 2. the beginning表示“起初”,“开始的时候”,不与of介词短语连用. 但at the beginning偶尔也可单独使用,在意思上与in the beginning区别不大. 起初没人理睬他的话.

at the beginning 单独用 ,加逗号 in the beginning 常接of

at the begining表示在..刚开始之时,we are just at the begining of our lifein the begining (开始时)要单独使用 , in the beginning of this year

in the beginning 是一个独立词组,意思是:一开始,开始时 at the biginning 语义不完整,通常后面接of +名词. 例如:at the biginning of each act 在每一幕的开头 at the beginning of the ceremony仪式开始时

区别:in the beginning 意为“开始时”;at the beginning不能单独用,它后面须加of,意思为“在开始…时候”: 1、At the beginning of the meeting,he didn′t say anything;but at the end of the meeting,he said a lot. 2、In the beginning,he sang a song;but in the end,he gave a speech on how to make friends.

区别不太大,一般情况下,at the beginning后加of,但偶尔也可以单独使用.如:But, before we get into the openness issues, let's start at the beginning with you and the data you're just dying to share.不过,在探讨开放问题之前,让我们先来看看

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