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hEAr From sB造句

hear from sb. 得到(某人)的消息,接到(某人)的信,受到…的批评我等你的来信.I wait to hear from you.

Hear the news from sb.听到了某人的消息.

I haven't heard from you for a long time

hear from 收到来信I have not heard from you for a long time .我已很久未曾收到你的来信

hear from 得到消息, did you hear from him ? 你有他消息吗? 请采纳

I haven't heared from him for a long time. 我好久没收到他的信了

hear from somebody 听到某人的消息; 收到某人的来信 双语例句 1 i just wanted them to hear it from somebody else. 我只是想让别人告诉它们. 2 i hope i hear from somebody soon i hate being in limbo like this. 我希望能尽早得到回音,我讨厌象这样被人忽视.

we are always pleased to hear from our customers.我们不论何时都欢迎顾客来信.

I saw my mom do shopping yesterday.(昨天我看见妈妈购物)Mary heard their classmates talk about the breaking news.(玛丽听见她的同学在谈论爆炸性新闻0

i found a girl crying in the corner.我发现一个女孩正在角落里哭.he can hear someone singing outside.她能听到有人正在外面唱歌.she saw her children playing in the yard.她看见她的孩子们正在院子里玩.总之发现/看见/听到某人正在做某事,谓语动词一般为延续性动词.望采纳

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