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For thE sAkE oF 后为什么用sAFEty

for the sake of 后接名词或者动词ing形式,safety为名词,for the sake of safety意思为“为了安全起见”

为了……起见 为了……的利益 we made concessions for the sake of peace. 为了和平我们做出了让步. he did that for the sake of decency. 他做那件事是为了面子

可以的,状语后面的介词跟ing形式表示事由.如:For the sake of drinking too much beer,I need go to WC now.为了多喝点啤酒,我现在就要去厕所.for the sake of:意为“由于;为了;看在的份上”.例句:They roped her on to us for the

For the sake of your safety, you'd better not take independant action. And please let us know if you feel it necessary.


for the sake of 英[f: seik v] 美[fr i sek v] [释义] 为了; [例句] Doing something for the sake of it is often worse than doing nothing.为了一些目的而做事往往比什么都不做更糟糕.保证正确率,望采纳 如有疑问,请追问

你打错 一个字 1:For the sake of safety , you are forbidden to cycle with a person sitting on the seat behind. 2:I like being myself , following my dream.

为了,为了利益 可以放在句首,表示目的状语 后面可以加名词或动名词(即ing形式)

for the sake of safety,望采纳

In order to keep you and others at safety, please shut the door when you leave or enter into the room, and be alter to the strangers trail you.

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