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非谓语动词ed形式有很多既可以作动词也可以作形容词,ing形式也是一样的.要看用在什么情况下了.如I'm embrasssed 我尴尬 和 You're embrassing me 你让我难堪


1. (非正式用法) 到场,出现 -to arrive, esp at the place where someone is waiting for you 例句:we had 200 people show up for our meeting.2. 使能看见,出现 - to make it possible to see or notice something that was not clear before例句The

尴尬:embrassing 修饰事物的性质 embrassed 修饰人的情感

翻译是:你认为在犯错时你是唯一感到尴尬的人.分析:you think后面是宾语从句;feeling embarrassed是修饰the only person.作为定语从句的话应该是:the only person who feel embarreassed,现在省略了连接词who,由于person和feel之间是主动关系,所以用进行式加ing,来修饰.如果是被动关系就要用过去分词来修饰

这是as引导让步状语从句的用法,意思是尽管,虽然.放在句子的第二位置.embrassed as I was=embrassed though I was=although I was embrassed=thogh I was embrassed,尽管我感到尴尬,…….

Althought it was several years ago,I have always remembered that amusing thing that I experienced.That was an sunny afternoon when I had finished my whole day's class and was on my way home,I suddenly smelt a very marvelous smell.Then I

when i was a child , i am proud of my father.i thought that he was a great father. he earnd money for us and also tought us how to tell of things . he never complain .i learned much from him.if i were father,i will do the same as he can . i wang to be a

Now there is a popular word"clean city",and the posters to persuade people to keep our city clean can be seen everywhere.So do you know what we should do indeed? Firstly,keep ourselves clean,clean should be a important virtue of everyone,

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