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on the way 在途中 在路上 踏上旅途 在进行中 短语 on in the way 拦路虎 Trouble on the Way 路上有麻烦 Talk on the way 和陌生人聊天 ; 和生疏人聊天 真情为您解答,敬请采纳,如对本题还有疑问可追问,Good luck!

歌曲名:down the road歌手:Dead Moon专辑:stranded in the mystery zoneStranded in the storm trying to see through the rainLooks like my life's coming 'round againI wouldn't stop it now even if i thought i couldI was one of the remnants from a

you have broken me all the way down upon my knees and you have broken me all the way down you'll be the last you'll see 心被你撕碎一路撕裂片片落在膝前心被你撕碎一路撕裂你会是最后一个你会发现some fight you gave and i pushed you away

sick and tired of this world 对这个世界感到厌烦和疲倦there's no more air 没有一丝空气 trippin' over myself 自己把自己给绊倒goin' nowhere 哪也不去waiting 等待suffocating令人窒息 no direction没有方向 and i took a dive 然后我假装被击倒and on

up the road和down the road都有“沿着这条道路”之意,但是up和down在含义上还是有区别的.1.北上高城入 用up即表示“往北面;由下往上;由低往高处;由乡下或城郊入城;从外到内进入”等情况时,用up2.南下低乡出 用down即表示“往南面;由上往下;由高往低处;由城市到乡下或城郊;从内到外出去”等情况时,用down

歌曲:Riverside歌手:Agnes ObelDown by the river by the boatsWhere everybody goes to be aloneWhere you wont see any rising sunDown to the river we will runWhen by the water we drink to the dregsLook at the stones on the river bedI can tell

All the Way Down 网络 一路下降; [例句]The authorities wouldn't grant us permission to fly all the way down to San Francisco, so I had to kick my heels at Tunis Airport.当局不允许我们直飞旧金山,所以我只好在突尼斯机场不耐烦地等待.

歌曲名:The Way Down歌手:Wim Mertens专辑:Full Of CobblesThe white tie affair - The Way DownYou know that actions speak louder than wordsI thought we were past that,forget what you heardPay no attention,better to shut out the lightsThan

"I'm down" By AaliyahOooooh ooooh ooooh ooohOooooh ooooh ooooh oooh[chorus] I'm down with the way thatyou want me to beAnd I would do anything for you babyI'm down with the way thatyou want me to beAnd I would do anything for you[

Madonna - I Deserve Ithttp://www.tudou.com/programs/view/lpzwjwpItt4this guy was meant for meand i was meant for himthis guy was dreamt for meand i was dreamt for himthis guy has danced for meand i have danced for himthis guy has cried for

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