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come back 回来,返回.如说回到某处就用come back to+ 名词 如:come back to Beijing come back to my home不对,因为home表示“回家”时是副词,所以不能用to. go home 中不用to也是这个道理.

come back的意思: 回来;恢复(知觉、记忆等);回想起;卷土重来;重新流行;反驳 音标:英 [km bk] 美 [km bk] 词汇搭配:1、come back to earth 回到现实2、come back again like shilling 去而复返3、come back again like a bad

Taylor SwiftCome BackBe Here中间有Come back be here, Come back be hereThis is falling for you and you are worlds away.

Fire Fly When I said go I never meant away You ought to know the freaky games we play could you forgive and learn how to forget hear me as I'm calling out your name Firefly come back to me make the night as bright as day I'll be looking out for you


您好,两者的却别就是后面有没to的宾语的问题 he wiil not come back(不加宾语) he he wiil not come back to the city(to后面加宾语) 您好,地点名词用come back to 地点副词用come back,有there、here等 如he will come back here.

1. 是Taylor Swift的《If This Was a Movie》.2. 中英歌词: Last night I heard my own heart beating昨天夜里,我听见自己心跳的声音 Sounded like footsteps on my stairs好像,踏步在心中的阶梯上 Six months gone and I'm still reaching六个月过

come back是回来,go back是回去 对应的,come back home 和go back home 是回家(来)和回家(去)的意思 ------------HOME--------A:GO BACK B:OK A:COME BACK HOME--------B:OK 举个例子,父亲在家给在外地的儿子打电话,父亲想让儿子回家,所以会说:come back home, my son.父亲和儿子都在外地,父亲想让儿子先回家,父亲会说: go back home, my son.

简单点说 be back表示状态,come back表示动作,只是语境的差别,自己体会一下 学习英语语境非常重要!!

come back 回来 I'm going away and I may never come back. 我要走了, 可能永远不再回来. 记起, 回忆起 Gradually, the fragments of her childhood came back to her. 渐渐地, 她回忆起了童年生活的一些片断. 强烈反驳 “But you're just

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