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I'm from =I come from 意思是一样的 只是在形式上不同 be from 是be动词 +from come from是实意动词come +from

be removed from 意为: 从……剔除;从…移除 例句筛选1.That officer must be removed from his position.那位军官必须免职.2.At this point, the user account information can be removed from the client system and be obtained from the LDAP directory.现在,用户帐号信息可以从客户机系统中删除并从LDAP目录中进行获取了.

be separated from和be separate from的区别是:读音不同;中文意思不完全相同;词性、用法不同 一、读音不同1、be separated from 读音:英 [bi sepretd frm] 美 [bi 'sepretd frm]2、be separate from 读音:英 [bi seprt fr

be free of是表示免费之类的免于的意思 be free from是表示“逃脱”这方面的免于的意思

judging from 用在开头,固定的,不会随形式的改变,一般用在非谓语中.judged from 用于被动, STH CAN BE JUDGED FROM 外表/品质````

be far from的意思是:远离;距…很远 far 读法 英 [f:(r)] 美 [fr] 1、作副词的意思是:久远地;(问到或谈及距离时说)有多远;到很远距离;到很大程度2、作形容词的意思是:远的;遥远的;(某方向的)最远的;远端的3、作名词的意思是:

be isolated from 绝缘;自…被分离出来 例句1.the virus may be isolated from the blood during the first few days of infection.感染后最初几天可以从血液中分离出病毒.2.a fuel cell emits water vapor, so it would have to be isolated from the phone'selectronic components, which do not take kindly to water.燃料电池会散发水蒸气,所以它必须和手机的电子元件隔离开来,因为电子元件不能接触水.


be absent from 后面往往跟地点名词,表示在某地点缺勤或缺席.如:be absent from school 而be absent for 后面往往跟事物名词,表示缺席某个事件.如:be absent for the meeting

这道题选d 两者基本可以说是没有区别的,一个是be动词,一个是动词come,均表示“来自”的意思.此题主要考察人称单复数,jim(三单)用is from或comes from,pen pals(复数)用are from或come from.满足题意的只有d

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