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at stake基本翻译adj. 在危险中(处于成败关头)网络释义at stake:在危险中|在危急关头,在危险中|在危险中,利害攸关Burn At The Stake:烧伤后的股份be burned at the stake:被绑在火刑柱上烧死

at stake 英[t steik] 美[t stek] adv. 危如累卵,危险; [词典] 濒于险境,处于成败关头; [例句]The Chinese nation has reached a point where its very existence is at stake.中华民族到了这生死存亡的关头.

拿一个人的生命来开玩笑,at stake是在危险中的意思

at stake 英[t steik] 美[t stek] adv. 危如累卵,危险 濒于险境,处于成败关头

at stake adv. 危如累卵, 危险

be at stake 在危险中(处于成败关头)be burned at the stake:被绑在火刑柱上烧死

at stakeadv.危如累卵,危险濒于险境,处于成败关头选A

what at stake is 岌岌可危的是双语例句what is at stake is the very future of the multilateral trading system.多边贸易制度未来的本身目前岌岌可危.but what is at stake is not only economic and financial stability.但是,利益攸关的不仅仅是欧元区的经济和金融稳定.what is at stake is our ability to recognize our own fallibility.最为危险的是我们没有能力认识到自己的错误.

much was at stake多危在旦夕您好,答题不易如有帮助请采纳,谢谢


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