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my allwhen you tell me you love me just one last dancei love to be loved by you

love story la isla bonita without you luv D.N.A cool bleeding love loving you dragostea din tei make believe more piease don' t go grenade are you the one21st century girl first track seal it with a kiss paparazzi yeah say it right i could be the one fairy tale burning in the end i can unusual hey'soul sister

NO.1 <The sound of silence>---Simon & Garfunkel NO.2<Whiskey Lullaby (duet with Brad Paisley)>---Alison Krauss NO.3<Back to december>---Taylor Swift NO.4<Safe&Sound>---Taylor Swift NO.5<Because of you>---Kelly Clarkson NO.6<You are

玛利亚凯莉的《hero》《i still believe》《yesterday once more》《the colour of the night》

emilie simon - chanson de toile(静的不能再静)-----------不要和它比安静hayley - never say goodbye 纯净的天使声音(优雅)不要和它比优雅winter in my heart - before(甜蜜)不要和它比甜蜜经典英文 以吻封缄

展开全部1 经典英文歌曲100首 1. don't cry--guns n' roses我所认真听完的第一首摇滚,这首歌曾唱哭了千万人.总是能够触痛了心底最软的地方,心抽痛着,眼圈红了,却没有眼泪渗出,每多听一次就多一次的依恋 2. fade to black--metallic金

先听下面几首wild wild webit's my lifejust one last dancebecause you livebig big worldbecause i love younumb好的话就到酷狗搜“我要歌舞青春”电台.里面主要收藏英文的!有三百多首!至少有上百首符合你的口味

展开全部[英文歌曲]-One thing[英文歌曲]-Falling 堕落[英文歌曲]-Diary(图)[英文歌曲]-Heal the World[英文歌曲]-Forever《永远》[英文歌曲]-Miracle (爱的奇迹)[英文歌曲]-Dangerously in love[英文歌曲]-I am alive[英语歌曲]

我正好一直收藏着100首最喜欢的英文歌,贴给你,一起分享~ 1. don't cry--guns n' roses这首歌曾唱哭了千万人.总是能够触痛了心底最软的地方,心抽痛着,眼圈红了,却没有眼泪渗出,每多听一次就多一次的依恋 2. fade to black--METAllic

jason mraz - im yoursnelly - grillznelly furtado-say it rightbritney spears-oops i did it againchristina aguilera - dirrtyMJ-SHE'S OUT OF MY LIFE98 度-SHE'S OUT OF MY LIFESamantha Mumba -always come back to your loveMJ-BADusher - yeah the

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