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名词 n.1.要求, 请求 The teachers were deaf to our requests.老师对我们的请求一点都听不进去.2.所请求的事物 You should have your request.你会得到你所要的东西.及物动词 vt.1.(下级对上级的)请求 Workers requested a raise in the wage.

1. He lined out a few songs upon request .他在大家请求之下唱了几首歌.2. I request them to stop making such a noise ..我请求他们别这样吵闹.3. These requests were easily accommodated .这些要求很容易得到了采纳.4. You are earnestly

He made a polite request.

I won't request for a help if I don't need any.

1)在主语从句中的应用 it is demanded / necessary / a pity + that…等结构的主语从句,谓语动词用should 加动词原形,should 可省略.可用的词有三类 it is+ (1)suggested, ordered, required, proposed, demanded, requested, insisted等 (2)

1. My boss requested me to finish my work before next monday.我老板要求我下周末前把工作完成.2. He requested me to stop smoking.他要求我停止吸烟.

request 后的宾语从句需要用虚拟语气 “should+原形” 或省略 should 直接用动词原形.例如 ~she requested that the door to her room (should) be left open. 她要求不要关闭连通她房间的那扇门. ~they requested that he (should) leave at once. 他们要求他马上离开.

Visitors are requested not to touch the exhibits.I request that I should go alone.May I request your attention?I requested help from a casher to find the manager for me.

we should keep distance from dangerous goods.in his strong request us to re-do it again.up to now, i do not know the truth of the matter.our teacher always request us to do our homework carefully.

如果是用request的适当形式,就是“to request”..但是这明显不符合意思..按照意思来的话,就是We refused his request of more money.但这就不是request的适当形式了..因为一个词的适当形式最多只能变成不定时(to do的形式)或是动名词(be doing的你形式)..所以看你具体的题是什么要求了吧..希望能帮到你~~欢迎采纳~~谢谢!

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