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hellow, i am 12 years old. after the summer holiday, i will be the student in grade 6. i have many hobbies, such as: playing computer games, playing chess, reading. i like reading most. if i don't read books for even a day, i will feel uncomfortable. once

hello,everyone. (大家好). very glad to be here.(非常高兴能来到这里给大家发言) my name is ###, and i am ** years old.(我的名字是###,今年**岁了) now i am a ___school student.(我现在是一名……学生) my favourite subject is


Good morning, everyone. Thank you for taking your time. It's really my honor to have this opportunity to take part in this interview. Now, I would like to introduce myself briefly.My name is Doris. I am 23 years old and born in Qingdao. I graduated from

地道口语:Hello teachers.My name is ***.I'm 19 years old now.I'm from**.Glad to be here today.My major is international finance and trade.I love my major,so I'm gonna study hard.Everybody's keen on sth.,isn't it?I like surfing online,playing

hello, everyone, i'm glad to stand introducing myself here. 大家好, 很高兴有机会在这里介绍我自己. my name is xxx, from class x, grade x xxprimary school. 我是xxx,xx小学x年级x班的学生. i'm a happy and talented boy. i'm interested in

Hi everyone! I am XXX. I am XX years old. I come from XX. There are XX people in my family-- my dad my mum and my brother.My hobbies are XX.大家好! 我是XXX. 我XX岁.我来自XX. 我的家里有XX个人爸爸,妈妈和哥哥.我的爱

(自我介绍)hello,I am very pleased to be here for interviewing.I am XXX,twelve years old,from Zixing in Hunan Province,I was studying in Yiwan school when I was in primary school.first of all,I hope I can become one student of your school.and that'

第一节 第一天上班的自我介绍Hello, everybody,大家好,I'm

A:Good morning. Im Lydia Shen, the manager of the company. Whats your name please? B:How do you do, Miss Shen. My name is Penny Zhao. And Im coming for your advertisement for a trainee salesperson. A:How do you do, Penny? Well, for

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