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My favourite movie When I watched the film 《spider-man》,it give me a deep impressed. The main host peter who is handsome and brave. He helped so many people who is need others help. If we were him,whether we can sacrificed our love and

My favorite movie is Love Me Once More,Mom.This is a moving story about a mother and her son.The son was lost one day and the mother was so worried that she looked for him everywhere,but she couldn't find him.She was very sad and almost

i love movie i love watching tv since i was a little child, and the programs i liked are cartoons and tv series. but now, i love watching movie most. the first movie i liked is my neighbor totoro(《龙猫》). since then, i nearly watched all movies

My favorite cartoon film is "Kung Fu Panda".Beause it's very funny and interesting.The story was great and the background was beautiful, it really felt like an ancient Chinese city. So many people like it.In this cartoon movie the character who I

In our life,我们也可以尽力帮助别人.例如,whether we can sacrificed our love and friendship and even our study ,people afraid of helping others and get into trouble.在我们的生活中.译文: 当我看完电影“蜘蛛侠”. He helped so many

我最喜欢的电影 每个人都会有自己喜欢的电影,我也不例外.我最喜欢的电影是《使徒行者》. 这部戏是讲述卓凯寻找五个卧底并铲除黑警的故事.我喜欢这部戏的原因是里面有精彩的打斗场面和一些爆笑片段. 我们一家人每个星期都会准

One of my favorite movies I most like the movie is a film called "hands up" comedy.The movie is about the Anti Japanese War period severalrural farmers with Japs wits, they will eventually get rid ofthe story, the plot of the story is very lively,

就写《狮子王》吧. There is a little lion called Ziba whose father is a king .His parents are very kind to him.He has so many pals and lives a happy life . Unluckily.his father was killed one day.He thought it was his fault and he regreted a lot.He lost the

years old. It is very shy, and it is very quiet. It is a small white dog. It looks very cute. Liz likes playing with me. It likes sleeping,too. Isn't it kind of lazy? Do you likeit?文章写得非常生动!一般来说外国人都非常喜欢小动物,所以在他们形容自己的宠物的时候都会昵称为他们he 或者she,文章如果换成he she会显得更亲切.倒数第二句话Isn't it kind of lazy? kind of 一般用在口语中,用在作文里不太正式!

My favorite movie is Titanic .It's a love story about Jack and Rose.They met on Titanic.They loved each other for the first sight.On the night of April 15, 1912 , the Titanic had an accident on the way to America . Jack and Rose fell into the sea with

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