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每天坚持写日记 Keep a diary every day 英 [dairi] 美 [dari] n. 日记,日志; 日记簿;

keep a diary every day

To keep a diary in English is to improve my writing skills您好,用心、细心为您答疑解惑;如果本题还有什么不明白可以追问,如果满意请记得采纳;如果有其他问题请采纳本题后,请指向我的图像点击向我求助!答题不易,请谅解,谢谢.祝您生活愉快!

I like to keep diary every day. 我喜欢保持每天写日记.

This is Sunday today. I got up very early in the morning.Then I rided a bike to park. I climbed the hall and went fishing there.In the noon,I had lunch.After lunch , I flied a kite and played games. I am very tired but very happy.

“每天坚持写日记”用英文怎么说? “每天坚持写日记” "Keep a diary every day"


坚持你的梦想(Hold to Your Dreams) Everyone has dreams, but t all these dreams can come true. People give up their dreams for t or that reason. Those whose dreams become true have at least one thing in common, that is, they always hold fast


It's necessary to us to keep writing dairy in English everyday.

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