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Inernet has been an important part in our life.With the help of Inernet we can develop the effective of our study or job.For example ,we can learn more knowledge about the

What is a Computer? Computers are machines that can be used for performing calculations automatically. They can perform complex and repetitive procedures quickly, precisely and reliably and can quickly store and retrieve large amounts of data.

We should regard the network as a life supplement.In network communication, we pay attention to browse, search and learn the knowledge, should not be in the independent knowledge retention, it should not waste time on boring information, do

英语作文说明你对网络红人的态度以及理由 Recently, the alarm about the phenomenon of the hot figures on the Net has caused wide argument, and understandably so. With the popularity of the Internet and with so many people dreaming of being

The Internet dates back to 1969, when the U.S. Department of Defense decided to build an experimental network to make sure of computerbased command in the event of a nuclear attack. As the time went by, public and commercial networks in

Computer network is geographically distinct ability to govern multiple computers connected via a transmission medium to achieve resource sharing and data communications. In short, Baoxi tie knots in fishing 简单地说,庖牺结绳以渔就是网

Advantage of Internet is that you can do anything that you want on Internet when it was connected to independent world such as download data, programs, game, picture etc. But Internet has risk to receive spy ware, it attempts to disable or delete

Recently, it is frequently reported that a student can earn 60,000 a month by running an online shop. His business idea has inspired many students to set up their own online shops. Some people hold that doing that, students can gain not only some

These days, an increasing number of cyberwords start to be prevalent on the internet. These words largely stem from the line or words of popular videos, movies, stories and so forth. At the beginning, only minorities people deem it funny and start to

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